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Welcome to M and S Construction Midlands, a venture born from the shared vision and expertise of Mathew Robinson and Steven Locke, our esteemed directors.
Our journey began in 2019, rooted in a rich background of over 15 years in the groundwork and tarmac industry. Working for various local companies in the area, we gathered invaluable experience and insights, which culminated in the founding of our own company. Based in the heart of Wednesbury, we have established ourselves as a significant presence in the industry.

Our philosophy

At the core of our company is a philosophy that sets us apart. As directors, Mathew and Steven are not ones to remain behind the scenes. We believe in leading from the front, which is why you’ll often find us on-site, ensuring that every aspect of our work meets the highest standards of quality and excellence. This hands-on approach allows us to maintain a consistent level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in all our projects.

Personalized Service

Understanding the importance of personal touch, we have chosen a path less traveled by many in our field. We don’t rely on salesmen; instead, we, Mathew and Steven, personally meet with our customers. We believe that this direct interaction is crucial for building a more personal and trusting relationship. When quoting jobs, it’s our faces you’ll see and our expertise you’ll benefit from.
This approach has not only helped us understand our customers’ needs better but also ensures that we deliver services that are truly tailored to their expectations.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering services. It’s about creating value and forging relationships that stand the test of time. Being based in Wednesbury, we are deeply integrated into the local community, and our work reflects our dedication to contributing positively to the area.
With every project, we strive to enhance our reputation as a company that is synonymous with reliability, quality, and integrity.

Join Our Journey

As we continue to grow and evolve, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Whether you require groundwork, tarmac services, or bespoke solutions, we are here to ensure your needs are met with the utmost professionalism and expertise.
Contact us to experience a service that is as personal as it is professional, and see for yourself why M and S Construction Midlands is a name you can trust in this industry.


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